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Never Misses!

Second time purchasing and it’s too good. This stuff never misses and I highly recommend to anyone looking to try Vietnamese coffee! Oh yeah the non-dairy creamer comes clutch too

Best Instant Coffee

LAM beverage is my go-to comfort coffee. I discovered them in December 2020 and bought them as gifts for all my coffee-loving friends (who are also now hooked) and I've made multiple orders for myself. The premium coffee is worth the extra few dollars. Such a quality product and I love supporting a great local company!

Great substitute for a water bottle

Really enjoy how this tumbler keeps my water cold. I tend to drink more water having this now. I also like that I can put it on my bike as I workout and use it as water bottle and there is no spilling!

Fave go-to in the morning

I love viet coffee and this is my go-to when I need to make coffee for work. It’s super easy to make and perfect for mornings when I’m rushing out the door, or when I want a refreshing iced coffee on a hot day too.


My friend got me into this coffee, and I'm obsessed! Delicious hot or cold. Speedy delivery


I've tried both the traditional and the premium, and I love both. Lambevy is a staple in my pantry for my family. It's quick and easy to make, plus it tastes great and gives me enough caffeine to power through my day. Cannot reccommend it enough.

So good!

My hubby is very picky about his Vietnamese coffee. He has tried a lot of instant brands out there and this is by far the best he has had! The flavour is amazingly rich, has the perfect amount of creaminess and sweetness, and so good iced! Now we can enjoy Vietnamese coffee at the comfort of our own home, whenever we want!


Delicious, quick and strong. All the right ingredients to support tired parents who love coffee. Plus it’s local!! It’s a new must have in our house.

So convenient!

Normally I don’t like instant coffee but this one is so yummy! You can really taste the quality of the beans they use! So good!


I love the flavor and the fact that it is dairy free is amazing!

Changed my mind on instant coffee

I had my share of bad instant coffee packs in the past decades...anywhere from the famed Japanese one in fancy glass jars to cheap (and super sweet) Vietnamese packages in supermarkets. While I like Vietnamese coffee at restaurants I usually just get beans from my favourite roaster and grind it just before i have my Aeropress made black in the morning.

I was skeptical with LAM to be honest but since I am going away on a few trips later in the year and I can't hurl all the gear I need for a fresh cup I opted to give this a try as I still want a good cup of joe. Going to established chain stores were never an alternative to me besides the expensive price tag.

First impression: it was not as sweet as I thought even though I had to add more water than the prescribed 5 table spoons (I drink it hot). It is very smooth and quite close to the drip ones we get with our pho at restaurants.

After a few more cups: LAM beats the chain stores for sure. It is still instant coffee so you can't compare this to the real thing but I was impressed of the quality. The LAM folks used premium packaging so it stays fresh. The bag zeals well.

Conclusion: I would order from them again. My morning cup will always be from freshly grounded beans but LAM is excellent for a second/third in the afternoon or early evening (did I mention how easy this is for camping?)

LAM staff - please keep up the good work and don't jeopardize the quality of it. You have something good going on here.

Best Instant Viet Coffee

My mother is super picky about her Vietnamese coffee, and even she approves! I send her a few bags of the Traditional mix every couple of months and we both enjoy it - hers hot and mine cold. Love the convenience of instant with the full flavors of drip coffee.

So good!

This is my favourite treat, I make vietnamese lattes with it. I've always been against instant coffee but this is something else, it's just so good. Try it you will be happy you did.

Perfect either hot or cold!

I have always missed the milky and tasty coffee of Asia and Lam traditional coffee mix fits the bill! A hot latte of this perks me up in the morning while an iced version cools me during hot days. I also find it very affordable coz the couple of scoops recommended is actually still strong for me. I add more water hence more coffee to drink for me.

Best Instant

I normality don't like my coffee sweetened, but this has definitely changed my mind!! It's the perfect treat to kick start the day, or a pick-me-up in the afternoon. Tastes amazing both hot or iced. Best part is it's ready in no time and no annoying filters and jugs to wash!

LiFe ChAnGiNg

I just received the package Monday and had my 1st coffee on Tuesday and nothing will compare. Coffee is so smooth and creamy. Since I only ordered 1 of each to try I have to reorder so I don’t run out 😬


I'm not a coffee drinker at all but I ordered to support and for my hubby. After making him a iced coffee with lam beverages, I'm hooked! Definitely ordering more xox

So darned good!

Love this! I keep it at work for my 11am break and one coffee gets me through the rest of the day!


Tastes awesome!! I really like the new resealable packaging and the customer service is exceptional. Will 100% order again.

Game changer for backpacking and camping trips!

It is so hard to find high quality instant coffee - especially with sweetener and non-dairy milk! I brought this on a recent camping trip and it was so easy to prepare. Rich, creamy and the right amount of sweetness! I am very excited to bring this on backpacking and hiking trips this summer!

Best Instant Coffee

I love how easy this coffee is to make and it has the perfect balance between the sweet, creamy and strong coffee flavours I love so much in traditional Vietnamese coffee. I definitely stocked up when this was available again and you should too!

Not just amazing Coffee!

Delicious Vietnam travel memory inducing coffee with incredible customer service.
Have been a repeat customer since the first sip!


The perfect way to start the morning (or anytime of the day) everyday! The perfect sweetness and creaminess *chefs kiss* Soooo good over ice!

Ain’t nobody got time to wait for drip

As a mommy of two toddlers, working from home as well as working full-time on my side hustle, and managing the household, caffeine is essential to keep me going.

I love Vietnamese coffee but before I’d have to wait for the damn drip. I’ve tried various instant Cà phê sữa đá, but could never find anything as satisfying as the drip version. When Lam bevy launched, I was immediately drawn to the beautiful aesthetic packaging, and decided to give it a try.

I was definitely wow’d!! I rarely bother dripping my own viet coffee since finding Lam bevy. This is definitely my go-to. It’s perfect for a tired mommy who needs convenient and delicious viet coffee without the drip.

Great Vietnamese coffee

Reminds me of the time we went to da lat and had my first cup of coffee.